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Ready to feel better?

You're at a point where health is a priority

Whether you want to overcome a long-term health problem, deal with an immediate struggle or change your lifestyle, it's not an easy path and I know it can feel lonely. Having someone who knows what that's like, walking side by side with you can make all the difference. It did for me. 

Do you feel burned out? Stuck or don't know where else to turn? Struggling to stick to making changes?

I'm here to help you reach your goals.

Talking transforms

I know first hand and with the people I have worked with, that powerful supportive conversations can change lives.


'The best ideas start as conversations'

Jonathan Ive

What helps is being heard, having a supported space to think deeply about next steps and to have a sounding board to spring from.

There is a way, for you.

There's so much uncertainty with health, it can be confusing, but I believe there is a next step for everyone. 

We're so lucky nowadays to have Dr Google, but it's a blessing and a curse. There's so much information out there. We may also not be getting the answers we want from conventional healthcare.

'So what can I trust and what's the right fit for me?'


Health is not one-size fits all. It can be pretty personal. 

Together, we'll find your way.

Coaching options

Coaching will support you to clarify and take action towards your health goals. We'll have a really good chat about what matters most to you and what challenges you face. I take a holistic approach so we'll check in with the whole of your life and focus on the areas you want to work on. You may already be clear on a really specific goal or not sure what the next step is.

Wherever you are, that's where we'll begin.

I offer a complimentary 40 min discovery call.

  • We'll have a chat about what's important to you right now.

  • Ask any questions

  • Find out if coaching is for you.

About my coaching.

  • I offer 60 min sessions via zoom. Telephone or in person coaching is also possible. I am based in Bristol.

  • I suggest fortnightly sessions to begin with but of course spacing can be tailored to your needs.

  • We'll set a trajectory based on your goals and work responsively to what's most important to you in any given session, going at a pace that's right for you.

  • I will email follow up notes from each session with your goals and any information or resources we discuss.

  • If you book a six session package, this will include email and WhatsApp support in between sessions.

Inspired and informed health coaching.

Ready to start feeling better? I will support you to clarify and take action towards your goals.

Will sitting two.png


Be heard


My knowledge of health and wellness

Calm, non judgemental listening space.

Get perspective and insights into your situation.

Time to talk just for you.

Set goals, whether tiny steps or long term vision.

Get into action.

Stick to your commitments and share your success.

Six years employed in NHS Social Prescribing services.

Currently training in Integrative Medicine with NCIM; how to navigate the world holistic health, lifestyle approaches and conventional healthcare. 

Passion for finding new resources and solutions, as I did for my own challenges.

See below to discover my coaching options. 

Discovery call

  • 40 min video call.

  • Let's discuss your concerns and goals.

  • Learn if my coaching is the right fit for you.

  • Ask any questions!


Three sessions

  • Discover your next step and take action.

  • Get clarity and create a plan to move forward.

  • Short term accountability for your goals.

Read More >


Six sessions

  • Commit to changes.

  • Give yourself time.

  • Work through challenges.

  • Bonus email and WhatsApp support between sessions


Power hour

  • Unpack and explore what matters.

  • Get insight.

  • Explore your options.

  • Have a one-off powerful conversation about you.


Get in touch. I'd love to hear from you.

Use the form below for any questions or to book your discovery call or coaching package.

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