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Feel well. Your way.

Struggling with a health condition?

Want to make lifestyle change happen?

I'll help you find solutions that are right for you. 

Inspired and informed coaching to achieve your health goals.

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Hi, I'm Will.

We all want to feel good and be well.

When things get tough, this can become a clear priority.


What I've learned is that the world is filled with powerful health solutions, but there's no clear path to finding what works for you. It costs time and money and you can't guarantee what will help.


Are you stuck with a health problem? Unmotivated? Not sure what to do next?

I am a qualified coach with six years experience in forward- thinking healthcare services. 


My mission is to provide powerful conversations, helping people create better health faster and feel less alone getting there.

Learn how I can help

'I found that Will's calm and non-judgemental approach to asking questions about my life to be the most insightful. I now have more confidence in achieving my goals and look forward to a healthier and more fulfilling life'

Al, Bath.

What are your health goals?

Feel happier

Better work life balance

Sleep well

Beat burnout

Improve mental health

Overcome pain

'Will's many years of coaching really shine through when you are working with him. He non-judgmentally listens and reflects on possible ways forward and the support strategies to aid this. And with a broader focus than just simply achieving goals it means that I could bring my wider values to the fore rather than just trying to achieve one thing or the next'

Owen, Bristol

There is a way forward.

Not found your way to wellness?

Medication or Mindfulness? Counselling or cold showers? Navigating healthcare and the seemingly wild wellness space can feel daunting. You can feel you have no options left or too many choices. 

Want someone by your side?

Finding a path to health can feel lonely and it's easy to get stuck on your own with it. I'm here to walk with you offering impactful coaching to get you to your goals.

Health conversations that count.

Health can be hard, change is challenging.


Conversations create options and coaching makes commitment easier; you get time to be heard, pin down your priorities in a safe, confidential space and move into action. 


Inspired and informed health coaching.

Ready to start feeling better? I will support you to clarify and take action towards your goals.

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Be heard


My knowledge of health and wellness

Calm, non judgemental listening space.

Get perspective and insights into your situation.

Time to talk just for you.

Set goals, whether tiny steps or long term vision.

Get into action.

Stick to your commitments and share your success.

Six years employed in NHS Social Prescribing services.

Integrative Healthcare Diploma (ongoing)

Passion for finding new resources and solutions, as I did for my own health challenges.

Choose any one of my coaching options below or 


Discovery call

  • 30 min video call.

  • Let's discuss your concerns and goals.

  • Learn if my coaching is the right fit for you.

  • Ask any questions!


Three sessions

  • Discover your next step and take action.

  • Get clarity and create a plan to move forward.

  • Short term accountability for your goals.

Read More >


Six sessions

  • Commit to changes.

  • Give yourself time.

  • Work through challenges.

  • Bonus email and WhatsApp support between sessions


Power hour

  • Unpack and explore what matters.

  • Gain insight.

  • Explore your options.

  • Have a one-off powerful conversation about you.


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