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There is a way forward.

The reason I do this work...

I'm driven to help people find ways to discover health and feel well, that are right for them. There's no one size fits all and there may be answers when you think there are none.


Things got difficult for me after an injury in my teens eventually led to surgery.  

Determined to stay well, I did too much and developed further injuries and persistent pain. There wasn’t much anyone could do to help.


Have you reached the ‘I’ll try anything’ moment?' I did. 

Luckily, I had someone to talk to who really listened and made some new suggestions. My mindset shifted. 

I made health my priority, took it into my own hands and went out to look for solutions. 

After discovering a world of health approaches, I found a way that worked for me.


This path led me to train as an Alexander Technique Teacher, develop a committed mindfulness practice and prioritise good nutrition, sleep and social connections.


I'm currently undertaking a Diploma in Integrative Medicine with National Centre for Integrative Medicine as I believe that combining the very best of conventional, holistic and lifestyle medicine is the way forward for healthcare.

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A new service in healthcare

In 2015 I jumped at the chance to work for an incredible Social Prescribing service in the NHS, working closely with GP's and other health and social care professionals.

I found that people wanted to talk! The people I saw got long consultations and coaching style support so they could really pin down their priorities.


A door to new resources and solutions! This type of service provided a gateway to explore social, lifestyle and practical support options that could be of benefit, based on what mattered most. I was able to introduce people to new information and services they didn't realise were available.


Health is holistic and more than ever the information needed to be well is out there.


But looking is lonely. It's my belief that you can feel better and that talking transforms.

Qualifications and experience

  • Trained as a coach with MOE (60 hrs coach qualification recognised by The Association for Coaching) 

  • Trained in Motivational Interviewing (Phil Harris via The Training Exchange and additional training with The Wellbeing Collective) 

  • Trained three years F.T. as a teacher of The Alexander Technique (The Constructive Teaching Centre, London.) 

  • Six years, working with 1000's of people in the NHS and charity sector. Supporting people in groups and 1-1 as a Social Prescribing Link Worker. 

  • CPD trainings completed in Supporting Recovery from Complex Trauma and Drug and Alcohol Awareness. 

  • Have delivered teaching sessions on Social Prescribing for The National Centre for Integrative Medicine, Bristol GP trainees, Bristol University and The National Association of Link Workers. 

  • Full professional indemnity and public liability insurance cover.

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